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Halloween Meetup 2013 - Pictures
I seemed to have been the only one to have taken pictures and it seems like I was in the mood for taking portrait pics....Here's the best of the one's that I took. =)
Image heavyCollapse )
***Gnome, if you let me know who and what your boys are, I'll add them to the photos....

Question on dyeing resin
FMA Cleavage
I have Khale's uber cool DZ armour hands (NY resin to Khale's rose white resin) and I need to dye/tint them a blue-purple colour as a base for the blushing I want to do on top of that. I'm choosing to tint/dye the hands instead of just blushing as I expect them to have a good bit of handling (excuse the pun) as they are jointed hands and the base colour would help hide any wear/chipping of the blushing (in theory).

I have test dyed some spare parts in NY (company unknown) using navy blue RIT powder. I'm doing it with boiling water in a plastic container instead of the stove top method as what I need to dye/tint is small (2 hands). I've used ratios of 1/4 teaspoon dye to 1 cup boiling water and 1/2 teaspoon dye to 1 cup boiling water. The only difference I've found is that the 1/2 teaspoon dye mix takes a shorter bath time (which makes sense).


The dyed parts look more grey toned than blue. Would adding purple to the mix help get a more blueish tone? I'm also fine with purple tones to the dye job as I wanted that anyway. Is the base resin colour of NY making the dye loose some of the blue cast? Anybody have any suggestions for getting a more blue tone to the colour? I can take some pics of the results, but I have my doubts as to how well it would show what I'm talking about.

S-hook sizing?
FMA Cleavage
I hope somebody here can help me on this. At DollNorth (a con inside the AnimeNorth con in Toronto) this past May one of the charity raffle prizes was a Leeke Limited Khal Vampire doll. I was the lucky so-and-so who won him *beams*. He is an utterly gorgeous doll and his character has been developing rather nicely in my head since he came to live with my Resin Army.

Khale & his hand issuesCollapse )

Does anyone here know what size of S-hooks the DZ 70/72cm hands take? I'd like to order them ASAP so that when his new hands arrive, I'll be able to attach them.

2012 Unloading of the resins
Anyone out there????

This is just a general sales post, nothing exciting. But if there's still people here who want to chat lemme know!

Anyway on my chopping block for this year are:
• Fairyland LittleFee Pipi girl sanded to non-gender, both OE and SP FP, Fairyland Faceups on both

• Dollmore Kid Boy sanded to a girl Vian - vampire faceup and body blushing by me

• Dollzone shoyo boy on a B&G boy body

I'm going to link my trade thread (I'm looking for large, SD sized boy bodies - specifics on trade post) because all the links to the sales threads are in it

I also really want any of the Dollzone event flower fairies, both on and off topic for DOA, so if you have one for sale or trade I'm interested.

Hope everyone's new year is going well so far!!

Eye & Wig pricing?
FMA Cleavage
I have recently gone through my doll stuff and holy crap do I have a lot of extra eyes and wigs! I'd like to sell what I don't need/want, but I'm really not sure about pricing for these items.

I have 19 pairs of eyes in sizes 8mm to 16mm and made out of acrylic, resin and glass. Some are used, some are default eyes that I got when I bought a doll directly from the company and some are eyes I bought but never used because a different pair worked better.

I have 9 wigs from 3/4 to 8/9. Most are fibre but I've got 2 faux fur and one of them I made. 2 wigs I got for free with the purchase of dolls and never used. 1 wig I purchased and never used as the doll it was supposed to be for refused to be MSD sized *rolls eyes*.

I have no idea what a fair price for these things would be. I know several people in this comm have sold wigs and eyes so I'm asking if anybody has a ballpark sort of figure that would at least give me a general idea of where to start pricing? I don't want to price myself out of sales but at the same time, I don't want to low-ball myself either.

These are the eyes and wigs I'd like to sell (I can provide descriptions for each, too). Naturally, if anybody sees something they like, PM me and we can discuss/haggle.

Shiren 'Shin' arrives home
Posted a box opening over on my personal LJ and over at DoA if anyone wants to check it out...

Dal anyone?
So I randomly bought a Dal off ebay last night. It was so cute I hit commit to buy without really thinking about it XD
The thing is I don't know anything about them...I think they're somehow related to Pulips (?) but that's about it. I don't know how big it is (I'm assuming it's tiny) or if it can be customized or anything. I hope it gets here fast so I can see it lol

Does anyone know anything about these little guys??

oh, this is the one I bought

EDIT: It shipped!! :D

Travelling with dolls
FMA Cleavage
I leave Canada in less than a week to visit a friend in the US. For this little jaunt, I'm bringing some dolls with me (no, the friend I'm visiting isn't into dolls at all). I already know that I'm bring Moswen (AoD Chi) and his grandkids, Vuchel and Vashin (RS Bao's). One of the places my friend has so graciously offered to take me while visiting her is DDE *beams*. And there's where I get the urge to bring along more than the 3 I've chosen *head desk*.

I don't want to have a horde of resin as I think the more I take, the more I'd worry about possible damage. And there's also the very real possibility that I wouldn't do a whole lot with more than just the 3 I plan on bringing. Naturally, they will be coming with me as carry-on. I know there's a thread on DoA about travelling with dolls (which I've read through), but I was wondering if anyone here had flown with their doll(s) and their experiences.

I am planning on using a rather large hobo bag as my purse for the flight and Moswen and the Twins will fit into it just fine along with all the other junk I'm bringing. I'm also going to attempt to make Moswen a little passport and see if I can get the Customs/Border person to stamp it. I'm flying into a smaller airport so I think my chances of that are better than if I were to fly into a big airport like Denver.

Anyone want a Sard??

Subjectless Entry
BJD: Seth- Angel Unawares
I am, due to dire financial straits, being forced to sell off some of my boys.

Currently, I have Seth (my 72cm DZ Chen) listed for sale. You can find the details here: if interested.

Horseless Carriage Enthusiast Ensemble
I've a new 60cm ensemble up on Ebay.

Check it out behind the cut!Collapse )

Trying to outfit a doll...
I know I haven't posted here in quite awhile (bad me!), but I am in need of some minor dolly clothing assistance. Does anybody know where I can find an SD sized black frock coat? I have a head and I have a body and I have ... nothing else! I can find most of what else I need pretty easily, but the coat is eluding me.

I don't even need to be working on this right now, but every so often I get seized by the need to take on some kind of dolly project, and I'm no good at fighting off the urge. The only good thing is that I already had a head and body ... of course the body needs a new pair of hands (preferably a jointed pair) *sigh*

Project Chiwoo Finale
I posted this in my journal too, so sorry if you see it a million times^^;

Hee hee so he's been finished awhile now, but I've been lazy and havn't posted. Part of me has been waiting for his wig to show up too, and since I'm putting him up, I'm sure it will be here today XD

Anyway, here's James (Hanael) all faceuped, body blushed (yeah, no pictures) and prettifuls.  I just love how he turned out!!!

cut cut cutCollapse )

Project Chiwoo Part 2 (of three)
whee! Sorry for the multiple updates/posts but i wanted to share what he looked like before I started blushing and faceuping.

more doll fixageCollapse )

Project Chiwoo (LONG)
So I have a new doll.

LOL I know. Like I need more. This one at least has somewhat of a good excuse....
I mean REALLY longCollapse )
Hope everyone's doing good!!

Grieve finally got his face up done and I forgot to post pics of it here.  tygati did an amazing job.  I finally found a wig that I liked and together I love how he has turned out.  PicsCollapse )

*Also posted on my personal lj.

At the finish line!!
So, a while back I posted about this artist doll that I was sculpting and I finally...finally have him finished! I cast him in tan resin and, well, here he is! My images are a bit noisy because the camera I was using doesn't like low light situations -- I'll be getting much better pictures this weekend. But still!! I'm so happy I made it this far.

Cut for some nekkid doll picsCollapse )

Last Unicorn Lady Amalthea (resinsoul Rong head on Yao body)
Roy_Ed Lucky Star!
Here's the first pictures of Amalthea

Here's a little sneak peek

For the rest follow the cut :)

Read more...Collapse )

Ranty McRant Rant
Ok, so I'm kind of annoyed. I don't usually get too bothered if a doll is declared off topic for DoA, as I realize that they're trying to keep a fairly tight focus and the forum has just gotten huge over the past few years. However, this time I'm peeved. From here on out, new minimee heads have to be approved on-topic or not. The old ones are still grandfathered in, and you can still form group orders for whatever (as far as I can tell), but if they're OT, well the usual limitations apply once the heads are made.

I get that the 80% realistic MNMs are not in any way shape or form the same aesthetic as typical bjds, and I would've been ok if they were off topic from the outset, but suddenly changing the rules in the middle bugs the hell out of me as the expectation is that the whole minimee line is simply grandfathered in. Other grandfathered doll lines create new bodies and heads that are still considered on-topic, so why are the rules different for MNM's?

The whole thing doesn't affect me personally all that much to be honest. I have two grandfathered MNMs (the 10th Doctor and Jack) and I can photograph the 4th Doctor and Rose (and hopefully someday Romana whom nobody else seems to want) with them...someday...when we get enough people and the orders go through. But the principle of the whole thing really bothers me -- especially as I've been bonding more and more with my Dr Who guys so it's a bit more personal, in a way. That and the very nicely organized all Dr Who related characters organizational thread got locked since now all heads must have their own threads since they have to be approved. Blah : P

Sorry for the gripeyness, I just had to get that off my chest, and DoA was not the place to do it.

On a sort of happy sort of frustrating note -- I go for a really long time without any new dolls grabbing me, and suddenly BAM there was the first Mikhaila release and Cinnamon came home. Now there is the Fly Mikhaila release and I have miss Tempest on layaway, and NOW I really freaking want the Leeke Juwel Ent (Leeke, you're killing me here, seriously) -- not with her fantasy stuff or even the elf head -- just as a human. She's so pretty, and she would be a good fit for a character I really like, but I've had bad luck shelling in the past. However, even if I didn't have Tempest on layaway, I still couldn't afford the Juwel -- not without selling some more dollies, and if I'm getting another mini, I really need to get some more mini clothes. And with these Dr Who MNM orders, I'm afraid to tie up my money too much -- there's no telling when those will go through (well, Romana probably never, but the other two have people). I don't want to hold money back for an order that may be months and months in the future, but on the other hand, I don't want to get caught without funds in case a few more people hop on those orders and they go through. It can't be just one doll at a time, can it?

New Dolls!
Arrival Photos
I had three new dolls come in this past week and spent most of the long weekend getting the photos ready for posting. Below are the links to their arrival photos, plus reviews and comparison photos with other dolls.

Immortality of Soul Jack the Cat and Lulu Cat:

Hujoo Baby Suve (purchased from Junky Spot):

The Hujoo was an impulse purchase when I saw the photo over on Junky Spot's Facebook page. Emory has been getting a LOT of new Hujoo stuff, and he got some fullset Brownies, too.

Mori Girls
 I took a few pictures of a couple of my gals the other day. Willow my Crobidoll Marie and Adelice my Rosette Doll Armeria

Printable Betsy McCall Paper Dolls
Not BJD's but - free dollies! The first 10 years of Betsy McCall.

Cinnamon pic spam
Some pics of my Leeke Mikhaila, Cinnamon (she's my little werewolf girl). I really need to work on my photography skills, and get a tripod for indoor pics. I can't keep my hands still enough.

Cinnamon - Skull Top 1

more behind cutCollapse )

Mushroom Peddler?
 Anyone own a doll from them?? I just bought this guy here whom since I sold my DF Bobo is going to be my first real anthro. Since he's a bunny, I'm not worried about him sticking around...somehow I became obsessed with BJD bunnies. I need more.

But since they're Off Topic on DOA I really know nothing about them other than the cute. I bought the blank one, so I'm going to have to blush him myself :P (as if I need another doll project. Alex III is currently in pieces and I have a bout 3 bodies to clean up and sell *ded*)

There are girls in my house. This is somewhat baffling. >.>;

One of them is here because her owner needed money, and will be returning home at some point. But the other one... the other one is staying.

And she's already a Princess.

Topaz & VesuviaCollapse )

It amuses me that they're both wearing black & white, and opposite one another. They're both wearing boy clothes, because there is a distinct lack of girl clothes in this house. I do have a few outfits on order, though, and I'm sure Coral will sucker me into more if we can just find a few more places that cater to the Boobs and Butt of SuperGem girls. ^^;;

Yet another sales pimp—I mean post
I'm selling my Migidoll Cynical Yujin/Iplehouse hybrid. Aaron and I don't click. Not just the doll, the character too :P
Double reason to sell him. He's taking up space and if my Saint ever arrives (so not holding my breath) I will need his spot on the shelf. Plus I think I've hit my sanity limit for SDs. I love em, but I do believe my quota is met.

here be my DOA sales post:

here be an LJ one:

He's nakey in those pics, so I suppose tis not work safe.

I totally blame the non-existant Fanged Kara Klum for this sale. I went into my room last week and thought "IF Dollmore released Alex (cause they're all Alex, don't cha know) with fangs, who could I sell to help pay for him?"

Hypothetical dolls won out over Aaron. How sad is that? Now he's being sold because once I get that idea in my head it must happen, and so I can get either a new body for Ryuji's new head (which does not fit on the Domuya body) or Cassiel in the hopes that Israfel comes home some time this year. *more kicks to Dollshe for longest wait ever which is still shorter than everyone else's wait*
I can't have Is without Cass. He might self-destruct or something.

Medieval/Fantasy Commission
Thought I'd post pictures of one of my recent commissions.  I was very pleased with how this one turned out-I really love this brocade, though it is difficult to work with, like most sari brocade.  I ended up actually cutting the outer dress all on the bias, which was a first for me,but it did what I wanted it to do as far as eliminating extraneous seams.

More medieval goodness...Collapse )

Arrival of Batchix Machina Junk Cast :)
Roy_Ed Lucky Star!
for those of you who have a DoA account go here:!-%28Batchix-Junk-cast-male-Machina-12-picts%29

if you don't... just go to my LJ

I hope you like him :)

Follow up on resinsoul and Machina boy
Roy_Ed Lucky Star!

MACHINA BOY IS HERE WOOOOOOT! omg he's so awesome, he's going to need a LOT of lov but aawww so awesome he's got flaws but it makes him so interesting I love him :D

Pictures to come for him.

and: drumrolls... My resinsoul package FINALLY updated today... I nearly spit the coffee out my nose when I read that the package was now in Vancouver. Machina boy arrived in Vancouver on Friday and arrived on Tuesday so ETA Resinsoul? Probably Thursday on my BD... so yay pretty excited right now and relieved :)

Batchix is AWESOME :D

All Things Divine
Divine Heart
i have so much to tell you, i needed a cut ... O_O ...Collapse )i have tried to put this behind a cut... i do not know if it worked... i will try to keep it short O_O.  

i have not been able to post to the 'red shoelacers' for some time now, so i apologize if you might have missed something that you would have cared about.

For anyone who does not know, Divine is my horse that i had waited and wanted and hoped for Soom to build.  ... as everyone told me: it is a good thing that i did not hold my breath, because Soom never came up with anything suitably 'Divine'.
Divine is being developed privately.  all of my horses dance and Divine takes his masquerade partying most seriously.  his masks are created to be shared .... so, you will be able to get them ........ we will be doing super gem male and female corsets, and super gem female shoes.  the masks are superGem/dollsheHound in size.
the first of the teeny gem masks will be offered with the 'Alice in Wonderland' set of three masks... which will be out this summer. .. the little one will be 'the doormouse' and will be sold separately as a cute little fourth.  ..... the first Alice mask in the series.. the rabbit.. began shipping last week............................ a special thank you to everyone who loves them .............
Divine's body parts will be available separately so you can happily go build your own 'divine something' .......................
i started a new blog for everyone who would like to follow along: ...........
Charlotte is a complete hoot and will be out shortly.  she is out of the mold and i think she is wonderful.  i am hoping that everyone will have alot of fun with her.  
Divine will have weapons ... his ultimate weapon will be his designer parasol ..... if you are interested in acquiring a parasol from Val Zeitler, let me know shortly... they are almost all gone.  they are SD in size, but i understand she makes them rather 'tiny' for the SDs ... a photograph will be posted on Simply Divine before the parasols ship ................... right now they are awaiting packaging........  the pricing is out on the Simply Divine blog..
you can always leave me a note in any recent entry on the livejournal .. i will see it................. ♥


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