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Yet another sales pimp—I mean post

I'm selling my Migidoll Cynical Yujin/Iplehouse hybrid. Aaron and I don't click. Not just the doll, the character too :P
Double reason to sell him. He's taking up space and if my Saint ever arrives (so not holding my breath) I will need his spot on the shelf. Plus I think I've hit my sanity limit for SDs. I love em, but I do believe my quota is met.

here be my DOA sales post:

here be an LJ one:

He's nakey in those pics, so I suppose tis not work safe.

I totally blame the non-existant Fanged Kara Klum for this sale. I went into my room last week and thought "IF Dollmore released Alex (cause they're all Alex, don't cha know) with fangs, who could I sell to help pay for him?"

Hypothetical dolls won out over Aaron. How sad is that? Now he's being sold because once I get that idea in my head it must happen, and so I can get either a new body for Ryuji's new head (which does not fit on the Domuya body) or Cassiel in the hopes that Israfel comes home some time this year. *more kicks to Dollshe for longest wait ever which is still shorter than everyone else's wait*
I can't have Is without Cass. He might self-destruct or something.
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