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New Dolls!

I had three new dolls come in this past week and spent most of the long weekend getting the photos ready for posting. Below are the links to their arrival photos, plus reviews and comparison photos with other dolls.

Immortality of Soul Jack the Cat and Lulu Cat: http://onnas-baka-gaki.livejournal.com/252603.html

Hujoo Baby Suve (purchased from Junky Spot): http://onnas-baka-gaki.livejournal.com/252705.html

The Hujoo was an impulse purchase when I saw the photo over on Junky Spot's Facebook page. Emory has been getting a LOT of new Hujoo stuff, and he got some fullset Brownies, too.
Tags: #junkyspot, +hujoo, bjd anthro, bjd arrivals, bjd comparison:size, bjd incoming, size: 1/4, size: msd slim, size: tinies, ~anthro
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