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Ranty McRant Rant

Ok, so I'm kind of annoyed. I don't usually get too bothered if a doll is declared off topic for DoA, as I realize that they're trying to keep a fairly tight focus and the forum has just gotten huge over the past few years. However, this time I'm peeved. From here on out, new minimee heads have to be approved on-topic or not. The old ones are still grandfathered in, and you can still form group orders for whatever (as far as I can tell), but if they're OT, well the usual limitations apply once the heads are made.

I get that the 80% realistic MNMs are not in any way shape or form the same aesthetic as typical bjds, and I would've been ok if they were off topic from the outset, but suddenly changing the rules in the middle bugs the hell out of me as the expectation is that the whole minimee line is simply grandfathered in. Other grandfathered doll lines create new bodies and heads that are still considered on-topic, so why are the rules different for MNM's?

The whole thing doesn't affect me personally all that much to be honest. I have two grandfathered MNMs (the 10th Doctor and Jack) and I can photograph the 4th Doctor and Rose (and hopefully someday Romana whom nobody else seems to want) with them...someday...when we get enough people and the orders go through. But the principle of the whole thing really bothers me -- especially as I've been bonding more and more with my Dr Who guys so it's a bit more personal, in a way. That and the very nicely organized all Dr Who related characters organizational thread got locked since now all heads must have their own threads since they have to be approved. Blah : P

Sorry for the gripeyness, I just had to get that off my chest, and DoA was not the place to do it.

On a sort of happy sort of frustrating note -- I go for a really long time without any new dolls grabbing me, and suddenly BAM there was the first Mikhaila release and Cinnamon came home. Now there is the Fly Mikhaila release and I have miss Tempest on layaway, and NOW I really freaking want the Leeke Juwel Ent (Leeke, you're killing me here, seriously) -- not with her fantasy stuff or even the elf head -- just as a human. She's so pretty, and she would be a good fit for a character I really like, but I've had bad luck shelling in the past. However, even if I didn't have Tempest on layaway, I still couldn't afford the Juwel -- not without selling some more dollies, and if I'm getting another mini, I really need to get some more mini clothes. And with these Dr Who MNM orders, I'm afraid to tie up my money too much -- there's no telling when those will go through (well, Romana probably never, but the other two have people). I don't want to hold money back for an order that may be months and months in the future, but on the other hand, I don't want to get caught without funds in case a few more people hop on those orders and they go through. It can't be just one doll at a time, can it?
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