karlyl (karlyl) wrote in red_shoelacers,

At the finish line!!

So, a while back I posted about this artist doll that I was sculpting and I finally...finally have him finished! I cast him in tan resin and, well, here he is! My images are a bit noisy because the camera I was using doesn't like low light situations -- I'll be getting much better pictures this weekend. But still!! I'm so happy I made it this far.

In any case, I hope you liked him :) He's actually not totally complete-- he has a fantasy component that I'm working on, but I'm so exhausted from him and my other artist doll ( a girl doll, she'll be done in a week or so) that I'm taking my hoorays a little early :D Oh, he's 47 cm tall, btw.

Tags: bjd boys, bjd doll making, bjd tan resin, size: msd
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