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Project Chiwoo Finale

I posted this in my journal too, so sorry if you see it a million times^^;

Hee hee so he's been finished awhile now, but I've been lazy and havn't posted. Part of me has been waiting for his wig to show up too, and since I'm putting him up, I'm sure it will be here today XD

Anyway, here's James (Hanael) all faceuped, body blushed (yeah, no pictures) and prettifuls.  I just love how he turned out!!!

smjames4 smjames3 smjames6

whee! My first restored doll!! Not too hard as far as they go, but I'm still pretty happy I was able to do it. I really like him. Way more than I expected too. Partially due to me "bonding" with dolls I put work into, and he was so sad-looking when I got him. He deserves love now <3 I've been shopping for clothes for him, but it's hard because I really like what he's wearing now....even if he's a little on the blue side XD

Thank you for following his process was fun to do them <3

I've since moved on to a more harrowing project...Recreating Alex's green and purple wig of doom D:

my first attempt was pretty good. It needs a little more work, and a second trim I think but other than that...for my first try at fur wigs, deconstructing and reconstructing, I'm happy with it! And, since the purple is in front this time (as it should be) he looks...more like himself. and younger O.o It's creepy. I don't have pictures yet because I kind of dove in and worked like a fiend to get it done. I'm hoping to take him to the Garden this weekend for the dollmeet, so I need it finished by Saturday!
and of course I don't have time to work on it XD

His old wig in a state of disrepair now. I boiled part of it again and it needs a lot of trimming. I'll do it eventually because I need it as a spare, but I'm not in a huge hurry. He's got the new one on now :)

As a result of this crazy wig making I ended up with a purple fur wig. I used it because it was the same material the green was, and I wanted to practice. Somehow it ended up being way too huge for my Kara Klum's weeny head, even though I used the same pattern for my first two practice wigs that fit him fine, So James has purple hair now to match his eyes. But since his wig is due any day now *stairs at post* he won't be keeping it.
But hey, now I can make fur wigs!
It's way easier to order them from Spite & Malice XD Less stressful too.
I was more stressed over the purple wig I cut apart to sew onto the green fur...but the stress was still there...
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