madartist78 (madartist78) wrote in red_shoelacers,

Trying to outfit a doll...

I know I haven't posted here in quite awhile (bad me!), but I am in need of some minor dolly clothing assistance. Does anybody know where I can find an SD sized black frock coat? I have a head and I have a body and I have ... nothing else! I can find most of what else I need pretty easily, but the coat is eluding me.

I don't even need to be working on this right now, but every so often I get seized by the need to take on some kind of dolly project, and I'm no good at fighting off the urge. The only good thing is that I already had a head and body ... of course the body needs a new pair of hands (preferably a jointed pair) *sigh*
Tags: bjd costuming, shop:clothing, size: 1/3
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