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2012 Unloading of the resins

Anyone out there????

This is just a general sales post, nothing exciting. But if there's still people here who want to chat lemme know!

Anyway on my chopping block for this year are:
• Fairyland LittleFee Pipi girl sanded to non-gender, both OE and SP FP, Fairyland Faceups on both

• Dollmore Kid Boy sanded to a girl Vian - vampire faceup and body blushing by me

• Dollzone shoyo boy on a B&G boy body

I'm going to link my trade thread (I'm looking for large, SD sized boy bodies - specifics on trade post) because all the links to the sales threads are in it

I also really want any of the Dollzone event flower fairies, both on and off topic for DOA, so if you have one for sale or trade I'm interested.

Hope everyone's new year is going well so far!!
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