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S-hook sizing?

I hope somebody here can help me on this. At DollNorth (a con inside the AnimeNorth con in Toronto) this past May one of the charity raffle prizes was a Leeke Limited Khal Vampire doll. I was the lucky so-and-so who won him *beams*. He is an utterly gorgeous doll and his character has been developing rather nicely in my head since he came to live with my Resin Army.


This is Khale. I switched out his default eyes for ones I got with another doll and bought him the gorgeous wig from BBD. He's wearing an outfit I purchased for one of my other dolls at DollNorth (poor Kijika would've been swimming in it *laughs*) and that is now his default outfit.

Leeke did an amazing blushing job on his hands but his hands drive me freaking nuts as they are magnetic twist-lock and they don't actually perform as such. The slightest adjustment has them popping off *grrrrr*. I'm also concerned that my constant handling will prematurely wear the wonderful blushing off. In part to solve this and further development of his character, I purchased a pair of DZ armour clawed hands.

Khale's default Leeke hands are ginormous. He's on the 68cm muscle body and measurement of his wrist ball puts his hands in the same size category as the DZ ones (hence my purchase of them instead of the pretty Soom Super Gem ones I was eyeballing). He's also the biggest doll I own so I have nothing to compare his wrist joint with to determine S-hook size. He did not come with S-hooks in his wrists and the DZ hands I bought out of the DoA MP don't come with S-hooks either. I plan on buying some from CoolCat, but I have no idea the size.

Does anyone here know what size of S-hooks the DZ 70/72cm hands take? I'd like to order them ASAP so that when his new hands arrive, I'll be able to attach them.
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