Tygati, Prince of Twilight (tygati) wrote in red_shoelacers,
Tygati, Prince of Twilight


There are girls in my house. This is somewhat baffling. >.>;

One of them is here because her owner needed money, and will be returning home at some point. But the other one... the other one is staying.

And she's already a Princess.

It amuses me that they're both wearing black & white, and opposite one another. They're both wearing boy clothes, because there is a distinct lack of girl clothes in this house. I do have a few outfits on order, though, and I'm sure Coral will sucker me into more if we can just find a few more places that cater to the Boobs and Butt of SuperGem girls. ^^;;
Tags: +soom, bjd girls, bjd photos, size: 1/3
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