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Project Chiwoo Part 2 (of three)

whee! Sorry for the multiple updates/posts but i wanted to share what he looked like before I started blushing and faceuping.

First, here is the B&G body I was selling and am not keeping.

Before I sanded it:
it gloooooooows!!
Seriously, look how shiny it is XD The sad thing is that it's always bugged me, but I've been too lazy to do anything about it!

bg body2

chip in the wrist (before I sanded it out. It's gone now)

these were my sales photos lol. No wonder it didn't sell!! XD

You can't see it well but this is the only ouch I didnt' get out completely. This is probably the thinnest part of the doll and I didn't want to sand like a fiend and make him fragile.


It looks so much better!! More creamy than yellow, much closer to the original color now and less like a shiny lemon of doom XD

Chiwoo restore1

two best parts. I didn't do anything to the delf hands, so they match the body better now! yay! and, I sorta half-assed the sanding XD so on at least one leg there's some streaks. why is this good? because I can see a definite difference in color, which means I'm not just projecting hope onto my work, the sanding really did help.

now the head.
after I finished sanding all the scratches out of him. They were the worst on the left side of his face around his jaw/ear area. I had to keep looking at him inside because the light was so bad outside I couldn't see them.
I've done a lot of looking and I really think I got them all!
He also had some on his right cheek and forehead. I think I failed at getting pictures before I started blushing, but trust me there's an improvement XD Between that and the yellow light in my apt it's almost impossible to see anything :P but I tried....

To even out his horrible color and de-green him, I simply covered him with a coat of white pastels. Both easy, and fast.

Chiwoo restore3

Big difference. He went from splotchy green to an even, pale, cool off-white. Unfortunately the body is a warm off-white. So I blushed him again with a very light peachy-pink to get rid of the greenish tones.

Chiwoo restore2

*dance* almost a perfect match!!!
In reality, the body is almost totally blushed, and the head has most of it's faceup already, but I'm stopping here because....I have no pictures XD plus who wants to see half done faceups anyway :P
I left the headcap untouched so I'm hoping to get a good picture of the before/after difference when he's done.

Sadly, he won't get finished tonight, I won't be home, but tomorrow I should have a mostly complete doll. His eyes and wig will have been ordered by then (his eyes are already ordered), and he has temporary ones to wear until then.

Yay! He looks so much better!! <3
thanks for reading! I hope your week has gone well (friday is almost here!!! *dies*)

And, does anyone know why my spell check suddenly doesn't work on LJ? It's utter fail. I had a million misspelled words and it didn't find one.
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