bloo_frog (bloo_frog) wrote in red_shoelacers,

Horseless Carriage Enthusiast Ensemble

I've a new 60cm ensemble up on Ebay.

Here's my newest Ensemble--The Horseless Carriage Enthusiast

I absolutely love historic clothing and this ensemble was designed after a photograph of a circa 1900 motor enthusiast with his roadster. 
Here's the auction!

Tags: !large images, *links: shopping, shop:clothing, shop:ebay, size: 1/3, size: sd, ~steampunk, ~victorian
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That is a really lovely outfit.
Thank you so much, my dear!
I love long jackets. And that hat is adorable. <3
Thank you! I had fun drafting that hat. I'll have to scan the pattern in soon for sharing.
I'm just going to have to learn how to sew, aren't I? *laugh*
LOL! Oh dear! I stepped in that one, didn't I?

I will say that this pattern is pretty easy to assemble and would make a perfect beginners project.
I keep meaning to learn, but I'm usually intimidated by my prior spectacular failures. ^^; Which reminds me, I need to buy new machine needles, since I now have no spares... >.>;