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New life into old dolls.
Sorry for posting so soon but I'm kind of excited and wanted to go squee somewhere.


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Looking for a practice head
Does anyone have an SD head that they could part with as a practice head for a 15 year old? Or a suggestion on how to come about one inexpensive?

We were looking at an Obitsu head which is about $20, but she'd like resin if possible. Mom would like to keep it in that price range or no higher than $25. I'm helping them look, and if shipping put it up as high as $30 I don't mind putting something toward the price to help her out a little. Brand isn't important, but she did say she wanted SD since she is nervous about giving it a try, but really wants to learn. Something that is discolored or has minor damage that can be worked into scars or repaired is okay as she is also interested in practicing mods.


I begin to fear my dolls are lost
Hey guys.. yeah sorry for the emo title but I've been told packages from China take a while to get to their destination but this is really just too much.

Last Saturday evening I got a shipping notice from Resinsoul, I ordered a Yao with a Rong head and a Jun head for a Dollzone body I had. The tracking number works but it stays at:

International item has left the origin country and is en route to Canada

It's been like that since April 30th. I as hoping this morning the tracking would change but it hasn't... I know there's the weekend to take into consideration but I feel that's WAY too long to wait for a doll to uppdate. Another doll owner whose doll shipped at the same time as mine, received her doll on Saturday, her tracking changed on Thursday evening.

I am really beginning to fear my dolls are now lost or were just stolen. This is my first time dealing with Resinsoul directly so I don't know if this is normal or if I should worry. if I contct them will they just say, just wait a little longer it will arrive or if there's really need for concern. I just don't know what the next step needs to be but it is the first time a doll I ordered just takes so frigging long to update.... and I paid for EMS shipping.

It makes me even more fearful because I got a junkcast Machina from Batchix it was shipped on May 3rd, it's already arrived and cleared customs and on the way to my house (it arrived in Vancouver so it has to cross all over to the East coast to get to it may take a es days)

So what I need is advice, should I contact Resinsoul or just wait it out a few days more?

I was hoping to get my dolls before my birthday and this is likely not to happen well maybe the junkcast will make it but I fear my true birthday gift won't... if the company has to remake my order... it's going to take a LOOOONG LONG time before they get here.

I just don't know what to do now.

Another pointless picture post!!! Sort of.
 It's not that pointless, at least to me. Alex, my first BJD ever, and the first of four and a half Dollmore Kara Klums turned 3 friday. Yep, he's old now. Ancient even. To celebrate, I took photos, fixed his faceup, and dragged him around town for two days lol
He went to work Friday and to my moms yesterday for early Mother's Day, as she works Sundays.

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My best gals :) (Volks Luna, Kurumi, and Souseiseki!)
 I got them together for a photo shoot  and it came out pretty cute I think

Doll sale pimpage
 I have 3 for sale! Tell your friends!!

Dollfactory Nara- the little dog doll

A MNF Woosoo B-line boy

A Soom Sard- bane of my existence!

"Test" Post
 O_O ... i did not know what else to call it. ... i have been unable to post to the Red Shoelace Society .... and so, i wanted to see if this post worked.

i would like to tell you interesting dollie things,... particularly rabbits and masks .. and all things Divine... but, perhaps you could just flick to my LJ and take a look there.

Shameless sales promotion...
Machina bjd
yeah. shameless sales promotion girl here:

Spiritdoll proud large bust torso - on the DoA marketplace: 

if you are in need of some very large spiritdoll boobies, I can hook you up!

Getting back into it (with a crapton of photos)
 I've been away from LJ for a while now....first due to personal issues, then because it was down and I was really frustrated trying to make it work. I really miss it though, so I'm attempting to get into the habit of checking it again, beginning with a post. I think I've forced my Flickr to behave today too, so I have pictures!!

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 I took some pics of my rarely photographed Souseiseki. He arm fell off a while ago and I finally got it back on. I bent a set of hooks from my Soom tinies which come with extra.

Hi! I'm New(ish)!
Doll Monies
I've been lurking forever and wanted to come out, introduce myself and start participating.

My name is Mary Kathryn and that's the handle I use on most of the doll forums. I'm most active at Dollieh Sanctuary. I collect all kinds of dolls from Barbies to BJDs. I love doing doll photography and sharing the love of all things...Doll. :p
I have several BJDs so I will introduce just one in this post below the cut. She was my first 1/4 size gal. She's an Aod Fei. Faceup by me, eyes by Soom, and wig by J-pop.
I'm looking forward to getting to know y'all!
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another sale post
de colores
hi so i have put more things for sale in my flickr...

not all are BJD oriented, there are various kind of doll things there...
please have a look if you are in the market for any small things.


Miss Muffett is UP ON NOBILITY DOLL!!
 OK Here is the link to her on Nobility doll! I am going to have to ask them how to order!! And you know what? I didn't even check to see if they put her on the Korean site!! Oh, and very clever of them to use the Kukula art I sent to represent the doll instead of my own drawing...

Oh, and Miss Muffett is just my name for her... to me she is a 1920s flapper, a little boozie, but a nice girl...

AND Blackrabbit Jack's clothes came and he is dressed! I took him out for photos yesterday :)

My own weird doll!
charmykitty 2
 Hey! I'm jumping into the custom manufacturing process with Nobility Doll and trying to drum up at least 10 people who are interested in a doll I designed myself. Check her out here  The mods may take her down but I thought I'd try for some interest before that happened. She'll be posted on the Nobility Doll website and available in the Group Order section.

Apologies for the shameless promotion!!! Forgive me?? 

I am about to lose my mind -- like froth at the mouth, chew up the furniture, bonkers. My Leeke Mikhaila, Cinnamon, shipped along with some other folks' on Tues. USPS tracking can't find her, so I don't know where she is. People in surrounding states are having theirs arrive today, so I'm assuming that the tracking # is just wrong or something minor like that and she will get here today. It still freaks me out more than a little bit, though. It's hard having a dolly in transit and have no clue where they freaking are. Hitting all the bars in Korea? Visiting all the museums in Chicago? (or more likely didn't get on the plane or is being sat on in Chicago by customs). So now I'm sitting here on the computer which is near my door, so I can here the mail lady if she knocks -- talk about suspense.

ETA: Nevermind! I found a delivery slip stuck in the bottom of my mailbox -- so she is at the post office, they just tried to deliver her early. Phew! I am so relieved, though frustrated that I missed her. Maybe if I head over to the post office right before they close today she'll be there instead of riding around Ft Mitchell in a mail truck.

do your DOLLS sew?
de colores
i wanted to buy this doll sewing machine, but the biggest i have are MSDs and it seems more SD scale. 
there's a photo if you click the link..
"Measuring the machine from the outside it is 5 1/2" wide and 3 1/2" tall. It's really a bit big for a 16" doll, but would probably sit well in front of a larger doll like, Kitty Collier, an American Model or the Madame Alexander 21" doll. " (that's what the person wrote me about scale).

speaking of obitsus - resin heads on vinyl obitsu 1:6
de colores
 a flickr buddy pointed me to these dolls.
i think some of them are really lovely.

FS - tan RS Fei (sleepy Mei)
de colores
 here is the official doll description

mine is in the light tan resin
her body and head were bought separately and do not match 100% perfectly due to batches... but with a faceup she would be better.

you can see her in these photos (next to Rong which i plan to keep)

she's really nice, i just am not sure i am going to do much with her...

looking for large cat eyes ca. 20mm
de colores
does anyone know where i could find that? cheap ones for stuffies are totally ok.

quite a while back i got one of those Nikki although from another seller
which i STILL think are totally overpriced (well, half of that is the shipping) especially since she will have to go on another body cos the one that she comes on is just sad in terms of articulation... but i always wanted one and this one day i had the money in my paypal and i had an impulse, you know how it is...

anyway so she has these massive eye pockets like bigger than the large obitsu girls have. so i need like 20mm or 22mm eyes for her and i wish for cat eyes but i cannot find them anywhere. if i get some that are a little too small, i can always put them in the obitsu.

BTW if anybody wants her mechanical sleeping eyes, please let me know, because those things creep me out.

thanks for your help

I finished work on my Soom Teschan!
kurumi and luna
 He is all blushed and painted and the magnets are glued in! Check him out here

ah darn... what to do...
Roy_Ed Lucky Star!

I don;t know if I should be tempted or just ook away.

I am currently buying a fw dolls on layaway at resinsoul... that's ok and planed for. But someone on DOA posted for sale a head from a certain company who's very very unreliable as for shipping their dolls. so yeah been eyeing this doll awhile and always got scared to order because of the problems this company has.

so I am tempted to buy but at the same time... the big problem is I'll have a head but no body... and have no idea if matching the resin will be easy or not. I already have 2 floating heads and no bodies for them.

I might rehome one of them, I have a limited Dollzone Recall head, anyone's got an idea how much it would be worth? I did buy it for 225$ but I doubt I'll even get that much. It's got a faceup but I am ready to just wipe it if the buyer wishes it.

So on the fence not knowing what to do right now...

Oh and the dolls from Resinsoul? I am getting a Jun head in NS (for a DZ boy body I have) and a MSD hybrid... a Yao body and a Rong head in WS. :)

Sorry if I sould like I am rambling. I am pulling awful shifts lately and I still have a really early shift tomorrow, got a killer migraine that just won;t go away.

Another Obitsu question
FMA Cleavage
I have another Obitsu question (of course I do *giggles*). This would be for the slim 27cm boy body, BTW. I have ordered the Kayura head from Mimiwoo and it is enroute to me as I type *bounces*. I will be ordering the body from JS in a few weeks and I'm looking at picking up some clothes before I get the body so he's not nekked until I can get my ass in gear and make him some stuff.

I was picking up some stuff at Zellars the other day and went to the toy department on a whim to see if there might be some Ken clothes or something as I think somebody mentioned that some of those clothes would fit. While I was there looking (and didn't see any clothes for Ken, poor bastard), I saw some clothes for a Liv boy doll. So my question is this....

Does anybody know if the Liv boy size clothes fit the Obitsu 27cm slim boy?

The Liv boy looks to be about the same size as Ken and the outfit (a t-shirt, jeans and shoes) wasn't too crazy priced at like $9.99 $12.99. I also saw a leather jacket for like $6.99 but I'm pretty sure it was for the Liv girls. Would that fit as well since there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of difference in size between the Liv girls and boy?

EDIT: In ONE day, the store went from 3 sets on the shelf to only 1 set left. 0.0 Holy crap those just fly off the shelves, huh?

Alls Busy on the Dolly Front
I picked up the package from Volks (it went to my parents' house) yesterday -- it came on Tuesday, but between work and school I was to tired to do anything about it. I'm about to start on Tomás' faceup, since I got the arm parts swapped over last night. It was just as much of a pain as Cáit's legs -- it's like, do you want girly arms or boy arms already?

I also picked up a new piece of dolly luggage at Tuesday Morning today. I'm going to a dollmeet tomorrow, and I'm getting sick of lugging around weird sized boxes and containers. I think this should work pretty well. I need to fit Cáit, Tomás and a couple dolls/heads I want to sell. I have a Leeke Mikhaila on layaway, and the only way I'll be able to pay her off before the end of May is if I either sell stuff or do my taxes and use some of the refund (ok, well I'd do my taxes anyway, but I was planning on using most of that money for real life stuff so it would be better if I just sold things).

Oh right, back to the luggage. Luggage costs a ridiculous amount of money and most of it's really ugly. This was on sale, though, so it didn't end up costing more than a typical doll bag, only it will hold more people.

I need to make ears and a tail for Cinnamon (the Mikhaila) so she can be the third in a trio of cute frilly dress wearing mini sized werewolves. I think my interests in Japanese pop culture and horror flicks melded together in a really strange way with this one. I need to make Anna (my Volks Myu wolfy) a new tail, since the one she has is quite pitiful looking. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to the fabric store yet because work and school are eating my brain and all my energy. My life is printing 24/7. I go to school for printing, I do homework about printing, I go to work and wrangle print materials (13 different brochures, 5,000 copies each + 1 creaser and 1 folding machine = bad news). Actually, I like working there -- it's a very nice atmosphere, it's just juggling that and a full time course load that's getting me. Quite frankly, I'm at the point where I really just want to work full time and be done with it. I wish they'd hire me on permanently -- I'd rather cut and crease a ton of brochures than take the next segment of print estimating next term : P

More sales
 Since several of my characters are in for a reshelling, I have a lot of resin up for sale. For some reason I thought I'd made this sales post here, but I guess I didn't....

sales under cutCollapse )

That's it! if you know anyone who is interested in buying these molds or trading, steer them in my direction or  please let me know!!

Mimiwoo shipping generalization
FMA Cleavage
I've just placed my order for an Obitsu Slim 27cm head with the Kayura face-up. As soon as I saw this boy, I had to have him. Once I found out that he was discontinued (the Kayura face-up, which I absolutely wanted and fullset, that I couldn't care less about) on the Parabox site I was anxious to get him off Mimiwoo as there were 2 painted heads there.

Now for the question....

The Mimiwoo site says 10-20 days for shipping. Is that a fair estimate for packages arriving in North America, specifically Canada?

I've never ordered from them and I'm curious. I know everything is a guess and depends on a variety of factors, but I figured asking people who've ordered from Mimiwoo would give me a pretty good ballpark number as to being closer to the 10 days or closer to the 20 days. I'll also be leaving for a week's vacation in 18 days so....

I'm thrilled that I was able to get this head (his body will come later) and of course if I could see him before I leave on vacation, that would be pure awesome sauce, but I'm not counting on it. And if anybody has any size reccs for clothes for these guys that would be good, too, as when he does get his body, he'll be nekked until I can whip something up for him.

Box Opening
My internet is really sketchy and is coming and going so I'm posting a link to my LJ of my new dolls box opening. I've left the post public so everyone should be able to view it.

Come see Talys...

Next in the Cecelia series
Howdy everyone!

I finally (A week late) have the next part of the Cecelia series of costumes up. Cecelia's Rose Coat. I had a bugger of a time getting the gores to lay just right. But in the end it worked out very well and I really think I may produce one of these to keep for my little girl that is modeling the coat. (My Angel Region Ami)

Here it is on Ebay!

Ami (and her teddy bear) are enjoying the coat/hat ensemble.  Finally she's warm!  LOL...

 Lame intro post is go! Hi! I saw a link to this in a signature on DoA and thought I'd join. I'm an over 30 doll owner with a lot of dolls... I'm pretty active on DoA and hopefully you recognize my Avatar! (There are more of her where this one came from!) LOL! 

Anyway! Hi! I like Volks and Soom and anything fantasy. I'm a lot frustrated by my lack of ability to sculpt my own doll bodies because no one is making exactly what I want but I've been eying Nobility's custom doll service and may do that in the future. 

I like the enabling part of this site :)

Meet Vivian & Violet - Conjoined Twins WIP
Machina bjd
Hey everyone... I just posted a project blog about my new project: Conjoined twin kid Dollmore Vian girls. Check it out if you are interested:

I've got a new baby!
Well...ermmm... you know what I mean.  Anyway, Below the cut is the full story with images, of my first day with my new 1/6 doll.

She's Quite the Cutie!!!Collapse )


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